MRSA Project

MRSA Project

For my upcoming project I will focus on MRSA and other antibiotic resistant forms of Staphylococcus aureus. I chose this class of bacterium because it is constantly in the news and scientific literature. This species of bacterium is one of the greatest potential threats humanity. With its ability to mutate rapidly against antibiotics and its ability to mutate between species this versatile and deadly bacterium is something humanity must learn to combat if we continue to flourish as a species.

In my report on this bacterium I will separate my project into three sections:

  1. The history and evolution of MRSA and antibiotic resistant staphylococcus aureus (ARSA)
  2. The prevalence of ARSA and varying forms of this bacterium
  3. Treatment and Prevention


The History and Evolution ARSA

This portion of the project will focus on the initial discovery of ARSA bacterium and the many more that have formed since then. This section will talk about the appearance of strains such as the recently discovered vancomycin (VISA) and many others. This section will also include how some mutations are shared between humans and other animals such as cows and pigs.

The prevalence of ARSA and varying forms of this bacterium

This portion will discuss where and how the disease is contracted. These places are mainly healthcare facilities and gyms, but they can also be found in recently discovered places like beaches. I will discuss what are the most common forms of ARSA and which are the deadliest. I will also look at the varying strains of this bacteria. As mentioned before there are forms of S. aureus that started in livestock but have been able to mutate into human infecting forms. I will also look at the varying antibiotics these bacteria are resistant to and which strains carry which resistance. Lastly, I will explain some of the mechanisms by which these bacteria acquire these resistances and how resistant gene pool are able to survive in the presence of antibiotics.


Treatment and Prevention

This section will look to inform the reader and the public how to try and stay safe from these bacteria. I will discuss some of the antibiotics and antiseptics that are still effective at killing these bacteria along with some that are being made as I write this. I will also try to take an epidemiological approach to ARSA and talk about the possible impact this disease can have on humanity if we do not fight it.

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