Why I want to become a Biochemist?

Why I want to become a Biochemist?

When I was younger, I really liked animals. I was always spending time with my dad watching people like Steve Erwin and Jeff Corwin. I really admired these great men during my childhood and felt a calling to go out and save animals/the earth from global warming. This led me to aspire to become a world-renowned zoologist. As I got older, I started to lose interest in animals and realized that zoology isn’t the most monetarily sustainable career. I began to look for new sciences to study, and I decided to consider biochemistry as a possible career for my future. I really like biochemistry because it is very challenging and interesting at the same time. I like that biochemistry consists of two disciplines, chemistry and biology, that offer a different approach to a topic which can be looked at simultaneously.

Studying biochemistry means understanding the fundamental molecular and biological bases for life and how life functions and continues to exist. It also means setting aside a large amount of time to continue humanity’s understanding of the processes that keep organisms alive. Biochemistry analyzes the reactions and structures that allows cells to function and live on their own or with others (sharing is caring😊). In my life, I hope to study proteomics, which is the study of proteins and is a subcategory of biochemistry. I find proteins very interesting because there are millions of proteins out there with varying functions. It is also interesting to see how many proteins, which can be of the same shape and structure, are conserved throughout many organisms but each of these proteins still has its own individual primary sequence. I am particularly interested in how certain proteins’ active sites interact with enzymatic cofactors such as cations, ATP, and inhibitors. I find the tungsten-based proteins studied by Professor Michael Adams and his team at the University of Georgia very fascinating.

As a person who does not enjoy school very much, I wanted something that would keep me mentally engaged and challenged. My goals in life do not pertain to school or my career. I live by the fundamental goal to be happy with what I do in life. Biochemistry allows me to do this by keeping me content with my work while granting me the monetary success to chase my dreams in other aspects of my life. I do not base my goals in life on my career because I believe it is too narrow of a margin to measure success by. I feel there are many more important things to measure success by, such as time spent with family and friends, overall health, and overall pleasure with how I live my life.

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